Kimberley Kool


Tested in true 32 degree Kimberley Heat, and

we got  cold ice still left after 12 hrs.

That's Super Cool

Hot tested, 24hrs later


The water bottle crush test, with 3 ton Landcruiser, no just once but twice, check out video.

Note whilst the bottle showed crushing on the side , it did not penetration  the outer skin, or the inter vacuum sealed incasing.

 How's  that !!!


They aren't lying when they say this keeps water cold for 12 hours. I didn't know what I was missing until I got this! Having ice cold water throughout my entire workouts/walks is amazing and having this by my bedside and waking up to fresh ice cold water is so refreshing and actually woke me up more. I definitely think I'm going to be purchasing more sizes in the future for different occasions! But the 32oz is honestly perfect to start and it's the perfect size of you need a bottle for exercising/walking. It's great for petite hands, it fits in cup holders in both cars, bikes and exercise machines. The color is super pretty and you can just feel how great the quality is.

Kale Jones

Love this bottle! Included bottles in each of our 4 children's Xmas presents and they all love them. They are drinking more water bc it stays so cold. My 10 year old left her bottle at school overnight and reported the water was still cold the next day. Now Mom needs one!

Karen Hinnes