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Namastay Designs

Hi …my name’s Annette Fuller and this is how Namastay Designs evolved!

Former Prison Officer at Broome Regional Prison WA – Activities Officer. A very dark time in my life.  Extremely unhappy, surrounded by very toxic….hmm can I say this, hell yeh… fucked up people.  I was definitely heading down the black hole.  I love how the universe came on board and decided to throw an extremely tragic accident into my life.

Mothers day 2014 I was out surfing and I had a horrific accident where my own fin sliced the shit out of quad.  Nearly drowning, waiting hours for an ambulance and my poor husband listening to me howl and cry, “just drive me to the hospital, its only 5 minutes away”.  I thought I was going to lose my leg. It looked like a beautiful piece of rump stuck.  Hours later after surgery, 38 stiches to show and the most amazing spunky doctor said, “if it wasn’t for those nice solid quads of yours, you’d be dead.” My fin had just missed my femoral artery by half a centimetre.

So to cut a long story short I had to resign from the prison.  My secure “govy” job with regular pay and all the perks from housing to electricity subsidy.  What the hell was I going to do!

I went out on a limb (ha ha literally!) and I bought a suffering poor ol’ lost surf shop called BROOME BARRELLS.  With only backpackers as staff, one of the former owners had left town and behind was left this little shop with character that needed some TLC.

I knew nothing about retai! Clothes pfft!  I lived in a uniform  daily.  Weekends was either Active wear or the weekend warrior green machine! Army reserves, another uniform!  Dresses, definitely not my thing.  I’m actually the complete opposite.  Very much a tomboy and I dress for comfort!  One thing I knew that was on my side is I had personality and the support of hubby and that was all I needed.  I knew I had a lot to learn.  But my mindset had definitely changed when you are faced with horrific fear in your life and you think you are going to die what more have I got to lose.  I had everything to gain and I know I did not want to go back to the corrective services.

So whilst recovering, for a good 6 months I sat on a red couch out the front of Barrells Surf with my leg elevated in a huge cast and I chatted to customers.  I thought this isn’t too bad.  I just listened and learned.  A few business courses I enrolled in and the one that really changed my life was Rick Cowley’s Vysionquest.  That’s another chapter.

So back to Namastay Designs.  After years of selling the prime surf labels, RIPCURL, ROXY/QUIKSILVER, BILLABONG they are the big 3, I became super frustrated when the bigger lady came into the store and I couldn’t provide her with a super cool holiday dress for Broome.  I love engaging with my customers and hearing their holiday stories so it was so disappointing when they couldn’t find anything to buy in one of my shops.  My designs are really for all ages groups!

Now I’m no spring chicken either!  I train, I swim, I ride and I love throwing weights around and really charging up those endorphins.  So yes, I still have strong big legs and wide lats so the standard size 12 dress from a surf supplier is not going to be comfortable on me.  My biggest passion is my YOGA and after completing my Yoga teacher training course 2 years ago and completing a 8 day Vysion Quest the story and the journey begun.  I can do anything.

After 7 years of learning what this retail is all about.  Many sleepless nights and dummy spits and a pool of tears, Ripcurl approached us and wanted a RIPCURL store in the Kimberley.  But what about Barrells?  After many moves around town we’d nailed the best location in China town and RIPCURL wanted it.  A very nervous move but 4 years on and Barrells Surf is in the best location at Boulevard Shopping Centre and RIPCURL is on the corner of the busiest shopping centre in Chinatown.

Shitttttt…..Covid hit and so did I!  I thought we were going to lose Barrells Surf after 7 years and I had no idea how long RIPCURL would be trading for.  I had already being dabbling in my own design of clothing for a year but out of desperation and shortage of stock from our suppliers I got super busy!

My beautiful friend Johnny and I teamed up and we chose materials, colours, stitching, emblems and away we went.  My goal was for every customer that came into the store looking for a cool beachy dress I would be able to provide.

My dresses are light and easy to wear.  They all have adjustable straps.  I have deliberately chosen bright and breezy colours.  Every item has my “tree of life” emblem sewn on them and my dresses all have a name and a story behind them.  And don’t forget the matching scrunchie to go.  Ha ha now a face mask!

So I thought I’d share my story and give you some back ground knowledge behind NAMASTAY DESIGNS.  If you are lucky to buy one of my Namastay Designs, your dress, pants or top is made with love and if you are not satisfied please let me know personally and I will listen to your concerns and we will come up with a solution.  You never no what could develop out of our discussion!  Hey, another design for your special build.  We are all unique in our own special way

And please know your purchase of one of our Namastay items is going back into the community of BROOME Western Australia.

Namastay  (I salute the Goddess within you )

Annette xxx