Barrells Fins x 3 Set FCS2 Base


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Designed for speed and tight turns, with added tail release
Upright template 33 Degree rake, for more acute directional changes
Hand shaped in Indonesia
Ideal for surfers who like a fin for all conditions
Suitable for hollow waves, particularly good to perform for beach breaks
Recommended for performance short boards with moderate to low rocker.

Specs/Dimensions: G5 Medium Template Base: 109mm (4.3″) Depth: 115mm (4.53″) Sweep: 33°

Some Fun Facts
Fin – length
Base is the length between the leading and trailing edge where the fin meets the board. Base is primarily linked to drive. Fins with a longer base will offer substantially more drive and acceleration.

DEPTH- Fin Height
Depth is the distance the fin penetrates into the water. Depth directly relates to hold. The greater the depth the more hold, the shorter the depth the more a board will slide and release.

Sweep is the angle measuring how far the outline of the fin is curved backwards; also referred to as rake. Sweep has a direct influence on pivot. Fins with more sweep produce a longer turning arc, less sweep offers a tighter turning arc.

Real fiberglass + Carbon insert set x3, also a great fun Sup board, Paddle boards.