Barrells Frog Log



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Easy To Use1. Locate the mount piece air intake valve, open, and inflate the bladder to a firm consistency.
2. Locate slot on the underside of the mesh hem, remove paper, insert plastic strip and push all the way to the bottom of hem. 3.
3. Fill the re-sealable pouch bag with sand or pea gravel, rocks . Set the weight on the pool deck and the float into the water with the back edge tight to the pool wall.
1. FLED Critter saving escape ramp for Frogs, Skinks, lizards , Bees, snakes , birds , Mice, Cane Toads, Birds, Small Turtles and so on
2. Save time to clean the pool and keep the water clean.
It not only keeps the pool cleaner, but also facilitates the safe escape of small animals falling into the water.
GREAT active and bit fun with Kids, caring is sharing