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5 Mins With Tara's

How long have you been surfing in Broome ?

Since I moved here about 3 years ago in August 2017.

Whats your fave surf spot and what is the best time of year to get in the water?

Favourite (and close to the only) surf spot is Cable beach rocks or north of the rocks.
I also love surfing with Pindan views at Riddell and Manari on the rare occasion it works!

Have you had any encounters of our beautiful sea life whilst surfing?

We are super lucky in Broome to be able to surf with turtles, dolphins, manta rays, sharks, sea snacks and maybe not so lucky, but lucky to still tell the tale, irukandji jelly’s and crocs!

Anything else you enjoy about surfing in Broome? Dry season or cyclone?

I love the mornings watching the sunrise light up the palms before the crowds. The clam dry season brings the mellow long boarder waves, clear waters and laughs, where we can lay all day and watch the water glisten. The cyclone season brings the bigger waves, westerlys and the most incredible sky’s filled with rolling storms or afterglow reflections of pastel pinks and purples. If your lucky to find a still morning amongst the westerlys, ominous sky’s and rain, I love to watch the chaos unfold from the safely of my board. So in conclusion I love our little broome waves all year around.