About us

Back in 1999, yessss… over 20 years ago and without even a sniff of retail experience under our belts (what’s a KPI?), we started this little baby that has grown to be a Broome Institution, Barrells Surf Co.

We’re all surfers, beach lovers and locals to the core. We love our little community, our customers and we love all you guys who visit us from everywhere, especially when you stay in touch! Everything we hunt down, create and bring to you through our store is a result of talking to you, getting to know you and listening to your feedback and what you love.


This is our town, WE CARE! WE LISTEN! and we love what we do. We are a family owned business, yes… the kids get in and work. You have to watch out not to trip over a grandchild or two laying on the floor – it is all happenning! No matter where you come from, you can be a part of this amazing community and enjoy the spoils of our world-class products we create for you at prices that can’t be matched. Come in and say g’day or hop online and share your story why you came to Broome and hey you might just snap up a Broome tee!

See you soon! Owners Ken and Annette

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Broome being a global tourist destination, means we’re super lucky that most of our customers are on holidays when they come into the shop and the vibe we give out is contagious. We should really add Tourist Info Centre to the list as we know everything that’s going on in this town to make your trip magical, best coffee, food, local tours, you name it and we get amongst it too… and of course your holiday clothing! We have it all from favourite surf brands like RIPCURL, QUIKSILVER and BILLABONG to the more unique smaller brands like, Salty Crew, Oneil, Volcom and heaps more. We are super excited about our own brands NAMASTAY and BSFX sports… but more on these little rippers later!