Saving little creatures lives!

This is what our customers are saying!

Love these little escape landings for our pool. We haven’t seen any critters that have drowned in our pool since installing these. Leaves that normally fall in the pool will gather on the edges but just give it a little dunk in the water and the leaves will disperse and you can net them out. No problem.

~ Michelle White 

Bonnells Bay  Australia 

Saved a Skink on its first day. Works very well. I’m sure it saves a lot more little  guys  at night... we’ll worth the price.

~ Chris Young

Perth WA- 30-10-2020

This is more than cute it’s actually saving frogs. They’re babies right now but I was getting about 10-15 in my filter daily. Since putting this in the pool, I get about 1-3 per day.

~ Robby McCullough

Cairns North QLD  Oct 2020